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It’s a common perception that writing a research summary is pretty quick and an easy task. After all, how hard can writing 300-400 words be? However, the reality behind a research summary lies in stark contrast to this common crowd perception. Now, whether you are writing a research summary as a part of your dissertation, essay or you are trying to create a compelling draft for your paper, churning out a complex research paper to transform it into an informative self-explanatory snapshot can be one of the most daunting stages of a research process. That’s why writing a research summary often comes at the end of the task list.

A well-curated research summary represents you and your skills as knowledgeable about the information written in the research paper. Therefore, it is prudent to remain objective and ignore any analysis or criticism while creating a research summary. To generate a concise and accurate description of a research paper that proves your understanding of the research topic and its conclusions, you must stay attentive to the goals and purpose of a research summary.

Regardless of the various scenarios and goals associated with a research summary, it can be demanding and exhausting. However, obtaining an appropriate level of knowledge before embarking on a pile of research papers can make the entire process a lot easier. Here are a few ways to learn completely about a research summary and then start writing a summary for your task (research paper).

What is a Research Summary?

A research summary is an academic piece of writing that describes the findings of a research paper to a targeted audience in a brief yet concise manner. While writing a quality research summary, you must discover and identify the significant points in the research and condense it in a more straightforward form for its reader. To prepare a research summary, you need to gather explicit knowledge of the topic that will allow easy comprehension of the contents of the paper for you as well as its audience. A research summary is like a doorway that provides access to the structure of a research paper's sections.

Before you start creating the research summary, you must delve deeper to get insights into its content, style, and organization. There are three fundamental areas of a research summary that you must focus on while preparing a good research summary.

  • While deciding over the contents of your research summary, you must include a section on its importance as a whole, the techniques, and the tools that were used to formulate the conclusion. Additionally, you should provide a brief yet thorough explanation of how the findings of the research paper have real world applications benefiting the people.
  • To keep the summary as a well-organized academic writing piece, try to provide the various sections of the research paper in separate paragraphs. Besides, how the idea of particular factual research came up first must be explained in a separate paragraph.
  • As a general practice worldwide, research summaries are restricted to 300-400 words. However, if you have chosen a lengthy research paper, try not to exceed the word limit of 10% of the entire research paper.

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