Data Collection

Data collection is the process by which a company or person collects data on different topics from either people, places, or events. Data collection can be done through surveys, interviews, observations and field investigations. Data collected in this manner can be used for statistical analysis and account for a range of purposes including market research and crime prevention.

The process of collecting data can be a straightforward and easy task or very complicated and requires careful planning. When you are creating an experiment, the goal is to collect data that is adjusted to your specific product, service, or organization so that the results expressed by this data will be relevant and valuable. When collecting data for an experiment you must take into account what kind of questions you want to answer, what variables will be collected, how often it will be collected, the length of time it will cover (i.e. 2 weeks vs 3 weeks), where this information comes from (from surveys vs from observed data), how you will store the collected information, who has access to this information (i.e. managers vs employees) and so on.

When you have an idea for a new product or service, you might have some ideas about the questions that you should ask to collect data. You might not know what variables will be required or how the collected data should be analyzed but the important thing is that when building a new product or service you do not simply go with what is already out there and try to improve it. What matters is that your idea is better than anything else available right now and so designing an experiment with this goal in mind will make sure your product succeeds.

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With our strong field presence and network of experienced and trained field researchers, Bridge Research Consulting aims to provide large-scale data collection services across the region using the remote management skills of our field coordinators. We have developed strong internal systems to ensure the high-quality and validity of the data collected. These include:

  • Well-trained and educated field researchers, both male and female, with different backgrounds and fields of knowledge
  • Field researchers from different communities and groups, covering all districts and sub-districts of the countries where we operate, ensuring access to all locations and communities within the different countries and areas of control of the whole region
  • Regular and daily reviews, and monitoring of the data collected in the field Highly trained field coordinators and quality assurance experts, to ensure the validity and quality of the data collected
  • Strong analytical skills, both quantitative and qualitative, in the data collected using specialized software
  • High-quality security measures and proper monitoring to ensure the confidentiality of the data collected
  • Digital data collection applications using different platforms based on the needs of our customers and partners.
  • Strong remote management skills; are essential given the volatile context and connection challenges in the areas where we operate.

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