Third-Party Monitoring (TMP)

Organizations can utilize Third-Party Monitoring (TMP) to keep track of projects that are inaccessible to their staff for a variety of reasons. It also aids in providing an objective assessment of project performance. TPM can be used to supplement the commissioning organization's and implementing partners' current monitoring capabilities. It can also be used to keep track of initiatives that are considered high-risk or contentious.

TPM implementation carries some risks, including i) loss of commissioning organization monitoring capacity when TPM is used as a replacement for their monitoring systems; ii) risk transfer to TPM staff in insecure environments; iii) reputational risk to the commissioning organization, and iv) non-acceptance of TPM results by program management.

The TPM implementation process includes steps such as identifying information and reporting requirements, coverage areas and monitoring frequency, selecting TPM providers, training and capacity-building, integration with any existing monitoring framework, pilot exercises, validation of findings, and use of results.

Any project's success depends on regular and timely monitoring. At Bridge Research Consulting we attempt to help organizations, partners, and funders better assess the impact of their financing and programming on affected beneficiaries and communities through our large field network and presence in numerous countries around the region. We deliver quick, context-sensitive, and high-quality monitoring services that are based on our strong field presence and networks.

Bridge Research Consulting ensures that all of its field monitors and researchers are well-trained and competent, allowing them to collect high-quality data that informs our partners' programming. We provide participatory monitoring services as a fundamental element of our services, and we create and implement strong internal systems.


All of the consultants, project managers, and field coordinators in charge of the monitoring services have worldwide experience in the region in a variety of industries and fields, as well as with various partner agencies and international donors.

Bridge Research Consulting seeks to help our partners and clients understand how their programs influence communities and beneficiaries, and how they may be improved, to ensure higher effectiveness, efficiency, impact, accountability, and sustainability, by combining local and international experience.

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