Role of Educational Research in Teaching and Learning

Definition of Educational Research

Educational research is referred to as systematic collection and data analysis related to the educational field being researched. Academic research may be involved in various methods with various aspects of education that include student learning, teaching methods, teacher training, and dynamics in classrooms. Education research is in less agreement about specific standards, processes, and research procedures; however, the researchers agree that the study should be systematic.

Educational researchers may research different disciplines that include:-philosophy, sociology, anthropology, and psychology to get more information and deeper meaning. Conclusions obtained from the research study for each field might be affected by the limitations of characteristics of the participants who conducted the research and the research conditions. Educational investigations should be able to attempt problem-solving and gather new information or use the existing data for new purposes. Academic research should be based upon visual experience and demands accuracy in observing and describing the collected data. Every educational research employs a precisely designed procedure and rigorous analysis that emphasizes the development of generalizations and principles that help understand and control. An academic researcher requires expertise that is familiar with the researched field, competent in the method used, and the technical skills necessary to collect and analyze it.

Most educational researchers attempt to find unbiased solutions to the problem to validate the procedure involved, deliberate and unhurried a directional activity, and eventually refine the questions as the research progresses. Educational studies are then carefully recorded and reported to the person interested in the question researched. Academic investigations involve scientific methods that use direct questions and manipulation of variables to a system that finds information about the teaching and learning processes. Scientific methods include answering the question that is analyzed by the data collected during the research. During educational research, hypotheses are written and proved or disproved by the data that leads to creating a new idea. Qualitative and quantities are the main types of data used in the scientific method in educational research.

Qualitative Method of Scientific Research

Qualitative research refers to the researchers' data by observing, conduction of interviews and question airs, and recording of the study conducted. Qualitative research relies on focusing on a specific group, recording documents and artifacts, and observing differences in participation. A qualitative scientific research method analyzes participants' products such as journals, images, or even blogs and diaries. The main types of qualitative scientific researches are as follows:-case study, ethnography, historical research, narrative research, and phenomenological research.

Quantitative Method of Scientific Research

A quantitative method of scientific research is referred to as a strategy and process that focuses much on the quantity of collecting and analyzing data to be researched. Quantitative analysis uses numerical data based on the assumption of the numbers that describe a single reality. Quantitative researches are formed from a deductive approach that emphasizes a place in the testing of theory.

Research in learning is referred to as a combination of data research and practices that help the learners get more of their education and help educators teach better. Learning research is drawn from data in science, economic behaviors, and educational psychologies from the researched field. Learning investigations are very important to students because it helps them to analyses everything in detail. Learning research helps the learners develop fruitful results and detailed studies on the topic and the field research. Students are forced to do maximum research to get a good output brought by more knowledge and success in the researched subject. Learning research helps the students remove doubts and confusion, leading to a proper understanding of the researched contents. Learning research makes the learners read properly on the research where they can understand the current and previous issues in detail through the study.

Research in learning is done through published work where students can go through the published material to understand the idea that emerges and the visions of those who conducted the research. Learning research helps the student know how to create a balance between the individual and the collaborative work where students are allowed to consider the points to be taken and to be ignored. Learning research accomplishment enables the student to know their area of interest, which makes them inspire to become researchers to understand the need to be done in the future. Learning research helps the students understand the origin of the concept being researched on where a student ends up with an expanded study.


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