Problems facing international students

Life is different in various environments and being abroad means being in a different environment to which you are used to. International students have to adapt to the life in their new home because they definitely will spend a considerable time in the new country. So as to adapt, they have to battle various challenges such as cultural shock, language barrier, lack of knowledge of the social structure in their respective country of schooling, the different education system, and the homesickness issue.

Culture shock is one of the major challenges international students face. Culture shock may be experienced in an individual and self-supported manner, or through contact with the host country. Culture shock is often a temporary condition caused by the difference between cultural backgrounds, leading to adjustment difficulties. Students who experience difficulty in acquiring cultural adaptation typically experience symptoms of culture shock.

Linguistic challenges are another major problem facing international students in UK. It is reported that many international students do not speak good English, and they have limited opportunities to practice the language outside of class. This affects their communication skills. Furthermore, their English may not be as fluent as they hope it would be, especially since most students are taught at school that English is the only language that is required for communication and research purposes. This is an important factor that causes them to experience language-related problems while studying abroad.

Another problem of international students is their lack of knowledge about social structure in UK. They do not know how to interact with people in UK due to different culture and rules. In addition, they have to understand the social system in UK and how to fit into the society. For example, the class system and sexism are a big problem for them. They often have to manage their relationships in a way that makes them feel comfortable and safe. International students may be experiencing problems with this issue because they come from different cultures, which may make it difficult for them to understand the UK's cultural norms.

The education system in the UK is a major issue that international students face. They are not used to the educational system and class structure in UK, which can cause them to have difficulty in learning, especially at school. The education system in the UK is quite different from those of their native countries, so it can be difficult for foreign students to learn it. Furthermore, there are many problems when it comes to learning, such as lack of support given by teachers and family members and cultural differences that exist. Furthermore, international students are faced with a class system in which they are placed in different classes according to their academic levels, which is another challenge. Universally, the UK has a four-tier class system, consisting of: the upper class, the upper middle class, the middle class and the lower class. Students are placed into different classes depending on their academic levels, which can cause students to experience difficulty in learning. The education system must be flexible enough to help international students learn more easily by making suitable arrangements for them and by providing support when needed.

Homesickness is another problem that international students face. When they are not able to speak English well, it will be hard for them to communicate with their families and friends, which is an important factor that causes them to feel homesick. In addition, they may also be experiencing difficulties in maintaining contact with their families so that they can stay updated with their studies. In addition, homesickness may be caused because of the geographical distance between them and their families. This is a common challenge for almost all international students.

In conclusion, international students face various problems in UK. These problems affect their academic progress and their quality of life as students. The government of UK should pay more attention to the challenges facing international students, and try to solve these problems by offering special support. International students also need to be aware of their problems, and take an active role in learning about the UK's culture, so that they can have a smoother transition into student life.


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