Impact of technology in education and learning in a post-pandemic world

The Concept of Technology in Education and Learning

Even though technology has transformed a great number of industries; from health care to air travel, to finance, it has not yet done the same in the education sector. The pandemic, to begin with, disrupted the education system of over 150 countries as well as affected an average of 1.6 billion students. To respond to this, a significant number of countries went ahead to implement some form of digital/ remote learning. Education response in the early phase of the pandemic placed great attention on implementing digital learning modalities, this was done as a form of emergency response. The essay's focus will be on expounding more on the topic and highlighting the role played by technology in the education system even after the pandemic.

The role played by technology

Technology offers students easy-to-access accelerated learning, and information as well as fun opportunities to enable them to practice what they learn. Even after the pandemic, accessing information is still an important activity that students are engrossed with. Thus when they are in a position to access information fast and conveniently through technology via improved speeds, this makes their work easier. Technology also plays the role of enabling the exploration of new subjects. Students are empowered to begin exploring new subjects as well as deepen their comprehension of challenging concepts. When the students explore other subjects they get to feed their curious side and have a broad understanding of the world.

Technology even posts the pandemic phase has led to an increase in the involvement of parents and guardians in the education of their children. Since the students were learning from home, the parents were able to witness the learning activity and support the students when need be. This has brought forth more engagement and a sense of responsibility to guardians and parents. Technology has also helped in taking care of the specific needs of learners. Through technology, the teachers can focus on a particular student’s interests, needs, and levels of aptitude among others, and work alongside them to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and then come up with the best learning approach and objectives. This sees to it that the overall performance of the students has improved.

Post the pandemic era, technology also has a role in making learning an interactive activity. Through technology, the teachers, as well as the students, can make great use of applications that use interactive simulation so that the students can experiment with activities, ideas, or phenomena that cannot be experienced inside physical classrooms. Another role is that of providing a global audience. Through technology, the world has been transformed to be a global village having authentic audiences as collaborators. This also aids in the learning of different societies, social classes, and cultures. Learning can take place via video conferencing as well as social networks. This allows learners to be creators of creative and educative content that they are empowered to present to a large global audience i.e. whether in your local community or on the other side of the globe.

Technology also has and will continue to be quite helpful when it comes to creating a supporting system for assessments. This is achieved by the use of e-portfolios which allow the learners to gather their evidence as well as review their work and that of their peers. This is also significant in that it helps in capturing a vast range of information which also helps in making the learning experience easier. Through technology, the teachers are also able to listen to the things students have to say creating an engaging classroom even though it is not taking place in a physical location. Technology also has a role to play in creating platforms that encourage participation in online forums as well as communities. This helps in the contribution of knowledge between people and discussion of ideas leading to a better community and world.


In the world today, students are growing up with significant internet-connected devices in their homes as well as in the classrooms, this has changed the way learning is being conducted. Technology has proven to be useful during the pandemic and also past the pandemic, this is because technology can still be very much used in classrooms post the pandemic to foster learner engagement. Learner engagement can be fostered for both visual and auditory learners. Technology in the future will continue to transform the education system by availing the teachers and also the students of a vast number of new tools to make use of in the learning process. This will aid in supporting structured lessons and providing an array of educative material to provide a personalized and focused learning experience.


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